Areas We Cover

Areas We Cover

We work with all 32 boroughs across London as well as in Birmingham. We understand that housing is a basic requirement and we want to ensure that our landlords have the best and most reliable tenants, and for our tenants we want to make sure that their landlords are doing everything they can to work with us to provide a safe and comfortable home for you.

We also collaborate with local authorities to deliver an outstanding service.

At the UK Housing Group we put the people we work with at the heart of what we do, and we always ensure we have the right people working with us who understand our values and ensure that we always deliver an outstanding service.

The UK’s Number One Provider of Guaranteed Rent

Uk Housing Group is an agency which provides a Guaranteed Rent service which is not an insurance policy. Unlike insurance backed products, there is no excess and no limit provided the property remains habitable.

Additionally, our service includes cover for void periods whilst we seek a suitable tenant. Uk Housing Group effectively becomes your tenant and takes responsibility for all compliance and rental payments. We know of no other company which has the necessary and comprehensive Professional Indemnity insurance cover to perform this service.

Uk Housing Group is extremely careful to the ensure that the right tenant is found as we are responsible for the performance of their obligations.

Some small independent agents offer a ‘rent to rent’ scheme but simply do not have the financial resources or experience to match Uk Housing Group and are unlikely to have had the correct compliance in place.

Uk Housing Group has been providing guaranteed rent for many years and is widely acknowledged as the largest provider of this specialist service. The Property Ombudsman, Landlord Action, Deposit Protection Service, My Deposits, and TDS understand that we are the leading specialist in this field and we regularly provide expert advice to these organisations simply because no other company can match our experience in this field.

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