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You may not have heard of guaranteed rent schemes before, or you may think they are some kind of insurance policy. While you can buy insurance policies to cover loss of rent, UK Housing Group Ltd guaranteed rent scheme is so much more than that – and very different.

We offer a comprehensive package of services. We can redecorate and refurbish your property to bring it to a lettable standard and once works are completed we can usually let the property within 48-hours.

We can look after routine maintenance throughout the contract – contacting you when a repair is needed. Meanwhile, you enjoy a guaranteed income for up to five years with no commission or management fees to pay.

How it works

1. Call us to discuss your property with one of our experienced account managers. We will give you an indication of the rent your property may achieve.

2. We will inspect the property and tell you if work needs doing to bring it up to a lettable standard. We will give you a competitive quote for any refurbishments with the option of spreading the cost.

3. We will give you the option of signing a contract for up to five years.

4. We can usually let your property within 48 hours.

When you work with UK Housing Group you can be guaranteed that we will ensure that you get the best possible return on your investment, peace of mind and also an exceptional and personalised service tailored to fit your portfolio and expectations. Below are some other benefits of working with us.



Guaranteed Rent

The ‘rent guarantee schemes’ are London’s most popular scheme with Landlords and Investors. It has been simpler to guarantee your investments and make sure you are getting the best possible return


Working with Landlords & investors over several years we know Landlords & investors’ aspirations are individual so are their investment needs. Our experienced team are on hand to answer any questions


HMO & Hostels

Over the last few years, we have worked with hundreds of landlords & investors to turn their properties into licensed HMO’s & Hostels. This has allowed them to gain a healthy return on investment and long term security.

Investor Services

Whether the property you currently own is a Bed and Breakfast or property that may be suitable for use as a Bed and Breakfast/Hotel but just needs work and someone to take care of the paperwork. We will make sure we give the right recommendations and make sure you get the best possible return

Need Anything Else?

If you need more information regarding our services or any other aspect of these services in more detail, please do not be hesitate to contact us on Phone or Email.



Our Promise To You

We provide the highest standards of services to every one of our clients, both private and public. If you’re a property Landlord or investor, we can provide services for you with our experienced team. that will give you peace of mind and a good return.


Uk Housing Group Ltd nurtures its landlords’ property investments. By this we give you the opportunity to let to the council through our guaranteed rent scheme that safeguards you and your property investment, flexibly arranged around your investment plans.

The Guaranteed Rent Scheme — 5 star features:-

Guaranteed Rent – for 1 to 5-year letting periods.

This gives landlords a short, mid and long-term return on their property investments.

Rent paid – whether occupied or unoccupied property.

Even if there is a tenancy gap, or time-out for repairs between tenancies, you will receive a secured rental payment.

Rent arrears – no risk!

This is a perpetual anxiety for landlords, but with us, this doesn’t happen – you rent is guaranteed. You are paid by us, on time, every month for the full period of your letting contract.

Legal eviction costs – no risk!

Uk Housing Group Ltd takes care of all repossession or eviction related matters. You, as landlords, do not pay for any legal representation or Court eviction fees.

Tenant property damage – protection.

We work with tenants to make sure such situations are unlikely to happen and mediate with them in potentially uneasy situations. Where these to-be-avoided situations do occur, we restore the property to its original condition (subject to ‘fair wear and tear’), at no cost to you.

Looking after landlords’ interests
We provide our landlords with a quality customer service, from the moment they sign with us. There are certain landlord obligations that the law requires. We explain these clearly and help you to meet them as quickly as possible so that your property starts earning income.

Professional letting service — high standards.

Uk Housing Group has very good systems set up and the right staff – experienced and knowledgeable – in place, to make sure you receive your return on your investment.

Regular property inspections.
We have a plan that we stick to for inspecting landlords’ properties regularly. We report repairs that need your approval for us to carry out or landlord action.

Reporting, undertaking repairs.
We pride ourselves on our efficiency in undertaking repairs promptly. We make sure they are to high standards — at reasonable costs. We have a team of contractors who understand our essential requirement for honest, good workmanship.

Gas and Electrical Safety testing.
Uk Housing Group Ltd understands that landlords have their own professional careers or work commitments that occupy their weekdays. We provide a fluid service to ensure all gas and electrical safety testing and reporting is done on time.


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