Highlighting Expertise

Beverly was one of our first clients. We have been working together since October 2009. Beverly coaches C-Level and six-figure executives in career transition. No doubt Beverly would attest to our talents, skills, and professionalism in countless aspects related to her business. In fact, her testimonial says so much about the executive administrative services I provide, “Thank you for helping me achieve the biggest revenue month in the history of my business! You’re wonderful and I appreciate all you do for me. I truly feel as though you are my business partner. I truly value your input and great ideas. It’s wonderful having your support. I’m always asking myself what else can I delegate to Jaimie (and her team) to free up time for more clients? I think it’s working … because I’ve had a lot more clients lately. I think the follow-up is invaluable. And clients always comment about your attentiveness. I think having you on board has elevated the image of my business.”

I was confident she would be able to help more people with her unique brand of expertise and so, prompted by my suggestion, in October 2013 Beverly wrote and published her book titled, “Landing an Executive Position: Proven Job Search Strategies That Win Offers.” She has been able to do just that. Unfortunately, books don’t sell themselves. And though Beverly’s literary agent has helped to promote her book, I too offered my marketing guidance and wisdom in the area of social media by suggesting we start by creating blog articles from each chapter within her book. From there we created short excerpts for posting on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

The effectiveness of these strategies has been measured and reported to Beverly via this social media metrics report. We continue to report numbers consistent with what we’ve reported in the previous years since her book’s publication—she has gained an average of 786 unique website visitors each and every month!

I suggested too that we publish all of her blog articles, one per month to her LinkedIn Profile and here’s a screenshot of early results from our recent efforts. One published post garnered 14,412 views, 517 shares, 86 thumbs up, 71 likes, 56 comments, 19 tweets, and 12 Google+1’s!

Best of all, we added a ‘Call to Action’ to each of her website articles/posts…and this has helped to drive sales of her book on a regular basis.

Results Provided by Upscale Your Business:

Kim has stopped reinventing the wheel. We have helped to document every process, script and template in one comprehensive document; a Business Operations Manual. Now she can simply customize as needed and send as appropriate.
We have taken Kim’s calendar online. The technology is available, so she now uses it to streamline her schedule. Kim can designate specific dates and times she wants to show as ‘available’ and make it a ‘one-click’ process for potential clients to schedule their consultations and for clients to schedule meetings.

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