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Dana refers to herself and her brand http://www.dzandassociates.com/ as ‘Chief Transformationist and Marketing Strategist.’ We’ve helped Dana with promoting not only her brand but several of her clients’ brands as well. Marketing is marketing—and we believe the principles and strategies we share with our clients and their clients can be applied to just about any industry.

Dana hired us in January 2015 based on a recommendation from one of her colleagues. It turns out that although Dana lives in Wisconsin and I live in Florida, we actually have a few business contacts ‘in common.’

In this early social media metrics report, it can be seen that we literally hit the ground running! Though the first few weeks we worked together were invested in growing her audience and developing content from her website articles/posts, we would soon share these on her social media platforms and the results were staggering!

In February she had 1 unique website visitor and 3 website page views. By the end of March— as a direct result of implementing some of our strategies—we increased both of these numbers to 217 and 222 respectively!

Results Provided by Upscale Your Business:

We helped Dana continue growing her audience on all major platforms. NOTE: If you have just 3 people following you on Twitter, then only 3 people will ever have the possibility of reading your Tweets.
Dana now has her blog posts scheduled, and other interesting content to share on her social media platforms several times a day for as many days of the week as she’s comfortable. NOTE: If people are not online at the time your items get posted, and if you are posting just once or twice a day, you are severely limiting the likelihood of your posts being seen.

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