Guaranteed Rent

Working with landlords & investors for over years.
The ‘rent guarantee schemes’ are the most popular in London with Landlords & Investors. It has been simpler to guarantee your investments. Being your Local Authorities preferred supplier means we can provide guaranteed rent can offer, working with people all over the city. We can also help clients across the UK.
Any property, any size. Here’s why landlords choose us…

How it works

  • Leasing for 1 to 5 years with us
  • Get Paid rent on time even the property is Empty.
  • No Monthly Fees for maintenance.
  • Stress-free and Complete peace of mind
  • Monthly rent payments on time.
  • Experiences Maintenance Team.
  • Periodic Inspections on your property

Why choose UK Housing group

Guaranteed rent paid every month and in advance

0% Commission + no hidden fees

Payments made within 24 hours of instruction

Flexible leasing to suit your needs (1-5 years)

In-house property maintenance team

We only provide families as our tenants

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