HMO & Hostels

We have worked with hundreds of investors to turn their properties into licensed HMO and Hostels remarkably increasing the income and the value of properties.
The Contraction HMO stands for a House in Multiple Occupation. They are sometimes referred to as an HMO. These properties offer separate bedrooms but with some shared facilities such as bathrooms or kitchens which is shared between occupants in the property.

Our HMO and Hostels team deal specifically within their area which they are expertise.
Call us for HMO & Hostels team and we will complete a free assessment of your property if you’re considering buying or currently own. We can make sure maximum income we can create on your behalf by turning your property or developing into HMO or Hostel.
If you have a sizeable property and are renting it out to one tenant, contemplate convert it into HMO or hostel. This gives you the potential to take on more tenants and thus increase your capacity for profit. If you want to turn your property into HMO, there are certain responsibilities you need to consider. We have experience in this field and we can provide experts to help you.

When you work with us to realize your sight of owning HMO or hostel, you don’t have to pay any commission or management fees, and so we are an economical option. We can guarantee your income for years, and you’ll make money for the whole building even during times when some of the rooms are empty.

Our services are hassle-free and designed to make your life much easier with stress-free; whether you alter your existing property into HMO precisely for this purpose, we can provide an ideal made service for you. With our rent guaranteed schemes, you can have complete peace of mind for years. You won’t have to worry about anything when we are handling your property, so give us a call to find out many benefits of our service.

Why choose UK Housing group

Guaranteed rent paid every month and in advance

0% Commission + no hidden fees

Payments made within 24 hours of instruction

Flexible leasing to suit your needs (1-5 years)

In-house property maintenance team

We only provide families as our tenants

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