No Longer Reinventing the Wheel

When we first started working with Kim, she was spending a good part of her work day ‘reinventing the wheel’ when it came to communicating with her clients through email. She was resenting the amount of time it was taking her to respond to the same types of questions over and over. We set her up with a Business Operations Manual, where we documented for her every process, script, email response, and template. With the proper message and basic customization, a professional and detailed response was pasted into an email in mere seconds. She now also has a questionnaire right on her website that helps to pre-qualify her prospect, so prior to their consultation both she and her potential client already have a sense of whether or not they will be a good ‘fit’ to work together.

She also has a system in place now for scheduling consultations, business meetings, and client sessions. The process runs so smoothly that all she has to do is look on her calendar to see who is on her schedule for the week. As a result, she gets to spend her time focused on her clients and using her creativity to express her genius.

Results Provided by Upscale Your Business:

Kim has stopped reinventing the wheel. We have helped to document every process, script and template in one comprehensive document; a Business Operations Manual. Now she can simply customize as needed and send as appropriate.
We have taken Kim’s calendar online. The technology is available, so she now uses it to streamline her schedule. Kim can designate specific dates and times she wants to show as ‘available’ and make it a ‘one-click’ process for potential clients to schedule their consultations and for clients to schedule meetings.

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