A More Responsive Audience

Sandy, a business coach, disenchanted with his social media agency, came to us in February 2015. He was looking to book more consultations and secure a steady stream of clients.

At the time, he had over 1,500 subscribers, around 200 of whom had been opening his emails, a 13% open rate, but they were not becoming clients. He was frustrated that he was constantly writing new content and spending a lot of money with this agency, all to no avail.

What we found was that the agency had set up his social media platforms well but they were not being used effectively, and there was at best minimal ‘call to action.’ He was not sharing all his valuable content and helpful tips across all these platforms. We had him repurpose his content, update old posts from previous years, and, as new blogs were written, we would post excerpts plus a compelling call to action across all social media platforms to drive more traffic to his website.

In March 2015 we were ‘ready to roll,’ and by May—in just two months—as can be seen from this social media metrics report, we increased the number of visitors to his website from 23 to 212. His page views demonstrated equally improved statistics from 27 to 209. These metrics prove the importance of knowing how to use specific social media strategies to achieve the desired results.

A common mistake with new clients is their focus on metrics that don’t tell the complete story of how a strategy is working (or not working). This results in frustration and wasted money. Our metrics and reports are detailed and show exactly what is working and where their investment is going.

Results Provided by Upscale Your Business:

We helped Sandy to lessen his self-imposed obligation to constantly write new articles; instead, helped him repurpose older existing content, and his content is now ‘evergreen;’ always fresh and never stale.
We helped Sandy continue to connect with new people and grow his audience on several platforms. His current mailing list was no longer as interested in what he was promoting and sharing and they were no longer taking action to engage with him beyond being on his mailing list, so we helped him to find new people who potentially would be.

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