More Clients in 30 Days Than Previous 90

When we first started working with Victoria, a Coach, she worried about making ends meet and where her next client would come from. In fact, she planned to give her business just three more months before closing her doors and she turned to us as a ‘last ditch’ attempt to turn things around. We worked with Victoria on developing questionnaires, pre-consultation preparation, and follow up procedures, These systems were vital to have in place to support her pipeline process.

Within 30 days of working with us, she gained as many new clients as she had in the entire previous quarter! Now she has more prospects than she ever thought possible and coaching sessions scheduled as often as she wants. She takes time off when she desires; her online marketing efforts are bringing an abundance of prospects and new paying clients, and the systems we have set up feel to her as if they are on ‘auto-pilot’. She works a respectable number of hours with plenty of time to spend taking care of herself and her family. And equally as vital, she gets to make a difference in the lives of her clients.

Results Provided by Upscale Your Business:

Vicki now has systems which support her pipeline process, her consultation procedures, and her follow up, yielding more interest in her services.
We helped Vicki by designing and implementing a Needs Assessment questionnaire for her potential clients. This way she can determine if she and her prospects will be a good ‘fit’ to work together and whether her services will solve their most pressing problems. If they answer ‘yes’ to key questions and her questions help to demonstrate she understands the problems they are facing, her consultations are now a ‘breeze’!

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