What We Do


With more than a decade of experience in the dairy industry, Synapse Trading has acquired much knowledge, insight, and technical-know-out of dairy ingredients and agro commodities. We pride ourselves on the ability to combine a wealth of knowledge from our dedicated team with innovative ideas to provide quality dairy and agro products solutions.

Quality Products

Synapse Trading is highly reputable for delivering a variety of highest quality dairy ingredients and agro products that find applications in diverse phases of the food processing industry. All of our products are from carefully selected producers that offer the best food commodities and feed grade materials.

Delivery Service

Synapse Trading’s team of dedicated, certified, and professional logistics personnel have much knowledge of how to cater to every required transport documentation to ship products to the Middle East and Africa. Our experts would offer assistant to transport your dairy products to your destination within the Middle East and Africa.

Cost-effective Pricing

At Synapse Trading, we offer our customers one of the best competitive pricing for dairy ingredients and agro products in the industry. Our flexible pricing model allows customers to purchase items at considerably fair rates.

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